Live Scores

SA Junior Youth Circuit

SA Junior Youth Circuit

AZMF Noarlunga

24th September, 2017

Graded Girls

Graded Boys

Junior Girls

Junior Boys


SA Adult Circuit

SA Adult Circuit

AMF Cross Road

5th November, 2017  

Live Scores Tenpin Results

Adult Roll Offs

SA Adult State Team Roll Offs


AMF Woodville - Day 1 -

13th May 2017

Live Results


Salisbury Bowland - Day 2 -

14th May 2017

Live Results

Junior Roll Offs

SA Junior State Representative Team Trials

Live Results

AMF Noarlunga - Day 1 -

6th August, 2016

Live Results

AMF Woodville - Day 2 -

7th August, 2016

Youth Roll Offs

SA Youth Team Roll Offs


AMF Woodville -

18th June 2017

Live Results

2016 State Championships Masters Results

2016 State Championships - Masters Finals

Salisbury Bowland

21st February, 2016

Restricted and Seniors Live Scores


Open Masters Live Scores

President's Shield Roll Offs

SA President's Shield Roll Offs


AMF Golden Grove - Day 1 -

2nd August 2014

Live Results


Salisbury Bowl - Day 2 -

3rd August 2014

Live Results

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