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Tenpin SA is South Australia's Tenpin Bowling State Sporting Organisation concerned with the development and promotion of our sport. Tenpin SA has a number of subcommittees each dealing with a different facet of the sport; from encouraging grass roots participation to providing tournaments and training squads for South Australia's elite, Tenpin SA is dedicated to the future of Tenpin Bowling.


Vision Statement

Tenpin Bowling to be a major lifetime sport for all South Australians, "the Sport for Everyone"



Mission Statement

Enrich, grow and continuously improve the sport of Tenpin Bowling in South Australia and the wider community.


Tenpin SA Constitution

Constitution - Adopted 9th April, 2019


2016-2018 Tenpin SA Strategic Plan



Strategic Plan







Sub-Committee's and Charters


Sponsorship Sub-Committee Charter

Sponsorship Sub-Committee Charter

Adopted January 2015


Tournament Sub-Committee Charter

Tournament Sub-Committee Charter

Updated January 2016


Finance and Audit Committee Charter

Finance and Audit Sub-Committee Charter

Adopted January 2015


360 Degree Review



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